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Clash of civilizations == Lack of information.

Let us prove that all wars are a direct result of misunderstanding and not conflict of interests. Let us face it friends, we the people know very little about each other still despite the technology we have, lessons of wars we waged all the knowledge we gained. It is time to provide means to eradicate that sad fact to void war and misery. Knowing a lttle about each other makes us an easy pray in many ways.

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I have lived in Africa, the ME, Japan, Australia, US and Canada since 1988 for study and work. I learned that most of the conflicts we have are based on our ignorance of each other, not necessarily because of our own needs. I believe all all wars are a direct result of misunderstanding and not conflict of interests.

We trust but "misunderstand" our religions, trust and are betrayed by our media and our politicians. Time and again we have waged wars based on lies, taken religious, ethnic and cultural stereotypes as divine truths and clung onto them dearly.

This is not simple but maybe the time has come to something about this. With technology becoming cheaper, smaller and smarter there are no excuses anymore.

One solution or a starting point is to launch a universal education mean that transcends regular media, simple web pages, special interest groups, pundits etc. A way to do this could be a specially designed recording device that can be placed in remote but utterly different families, office spaces in very different countries and regions of the world and compare and expose truths about our believes, way of lives, customs and habits etc. The device will not just record unprocessed and raw knowledge passively but can also include questions and other means designed to compare and get the hidden parts out for the purpose of education. The goal would be to get as much information as possible in extended periods of times, put this in an open database so everyone ca learn and UNDERSTAND otheir fellow human beings.

I believe if designed correctly we can put a unique knowledge base used to teach with the goal of accepting in mind that might help us to be better with each other and evolve as kind.


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