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How to allow provision of water for the whole of humanity?

AVAILABLE WATER FOR ALL. How to allow provision of this raw material for the whole of humanity? Each knows ( for it no need of statistics ) that water rarefies itself , that water is unevenly distributed on the globe surface and that water ( not for packaging but for detection, production and preservation ) becomes object of eager speculations. Besides this , the more an entity is rare, the better is its value, indeed its preciousness character fully come out. There is many perceptions of its preciousness some people want to guarantee its regular supply without additional constraints, others aim to treat it like any commodity or product under rough or oppressive trade conditions

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Lets go to fundamentals , water chemical formula is H2O.The hydrogen is the simplest existing atom ,it consists only of a proton associated with an electron. It is also the most present atom in the universe, because it represents approximately 92 % of its atoms and 70 % of its mass.The oxygen recovers from a much more complex process: it is an atom constituted by eight protons and by eight neutrons, it is sixteen times heavier than the hydrogen. Belonging to the groups of the heavy elements groups (by opposition to the light elements) it did not form just after the birth of the universe, but just after the birth of the first stars.And we find him in our ambient air.

Some very delicate conditions must be combined to generate the water molecule: specific levels of temperature,protection against radiations, in particular the ultraviolet ones and presence of a chemical milieu containing some hydrogen and especially some oxygen, rarer.

Due to their abundance ( hydrogene and oxygen ), it would be possible to conceive and to set up tools, processes, techniques reproducing in human scale (familal level or industrial stage) and at a lower cost some constant water.

It would be useful to numerous manners. And one of the slightest would prevent the future conflicts between nations because of its consumption.

Do not forget this : WATER IS LIFE

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I agree with your stance entirely regarding the notion of water being of intrinsic value to all life, and also feel that individual or familial water generation may be one of the best ways to ensure water is available world wide, however it can't be the only answer. If water supplies were at least augmented with individual de-humidifying technology, surely our limited yet cyclical supplies would indeed last a bit longer, but not enough to combat the steady pace of population advancement. It may be on the right path for a longer term solution, provided the technology and innovation were to make strides in the right direction. I believe additional effort should be placed on desalinization innovation, to expedite the process and provide relief for areas of the world that are much too dry to make much use out of de-humidifying air tech to gather water to augment their supplies, such as near deserts, where water is needed the most.

Without a doubt though, water will become one of the most valuable resources in times of severe pollution or conflict between nations. If there is a way to prevent inevitable war, and to make the world healthier (maybe not 8 glasses a day healthy, but close), then I'm all for it. Perhaps it simply requires more funding and innovation..