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How can we tackle illiteracy on a global scale?

There have been many great concepts mentioned involving improving educational resources, encouraging independence and fostering youth empowerment on a global scale. Focusing on digital learning opportunities like the Hole-in-the-Wall kiosks and the Khan academy seem to be a great way to give children across the world access to education. However, what about taking it one step further and addressing digital education for non English speakers. Often, when children who have limited access to educational resources finally do get their hands on reading material, it is not in their native language. This can be extremely frustrating and may slow their learning process or deter them altogether. Enabling children to access digital learning tools in their mother tongue will motivate early learners to gain literacy skills by making them more relevant, and fostering the capacity to enrich their cultural identity and strengthen their community.

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Reading and writing are tools for eradicating poverty, a means of reducing child mortality, and the key to gender equality. When you educate a child, you improve their drive and self-esteem, as well as give them the tools they need to grow, build and support their family, and encourage the education of their own future children. An educated child is an asset to their society, opening the door to development and growth in both the individual and the community.


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I like the idea of promoting education and literacy in a child's native language for a couple of reasons. First, and obviously, it gives kids more immediate access to learning through reading in a language they already know. But it also, I would guess, help ensure the protection and promotion of global cultures, many of which are being lost through globalization. It makes me think of the work the Pachamama Alliance is doing in Ecuador ( to help advance the standard of living of the Achuar people while also ensuring that their culture and traditions don't literally get lost in translation...Great concept!

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I totally agree with Ashley's point of view!

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