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How can we spread innovation, teach valuable skills and encourage independence in developing economies?

Fab Labs are a successful concept that can be “replicated” and rapidly deployed and used in conjunction with international idea centers that can leverage new concepts like crowdsourcing and encourage age old concepts like apprenticeships and skills training across the globe. Design Tools Circuits and Microcontrollers Molding and Casting Basic Machines Advanced Machines 3D Printing and Scanning Machines

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As the global economies tighten NGO's will need to find alternate funding for humanitarian aid. Independence and self self sufficiency will need to be emphasized as well as skill training and individual development.

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1. Does this concept deserve a place on the i20 agenda?

Yes – it's definitely a significant global issue requiring innovation - 60%

Maybe – it's important but there are other issues which deserve more attention - 40%

No – it's interesting but not of global significance - 0%

2. Does this concept point to innovation opportunities that i20 leaders can discuss?

It points to a range of opportunities - 60%

It points to a single opportunity - 40%

It's indeed a challenge but doesn't point to opportunities - 0%

3. Is this concept well framed?

Yes – it relevantly covers the issue to promote onwards discussion - 40%

Somewhat – though the scope is either too narrow or too wide - 40%

Not really – interesting issue but this concept doesn't really invite conversation - 20%


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