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The Office Potluck Gone Healthy, Salad-Style

Office Potlucks are fantastic because they stoke our social networks, but usually entail unhealthy foods. Salad Potlucks are healthy, collaborative, and inexpensive.

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Many inspirations thus far have focused on how powerfully health (or lack thereof) spreads among social networks. This is an opportunity to marry an already powerful social norm (the office potluck) with a healthy lifestyle change.

Now you might be thinking "...well salads are the most boring of all lunch options...", but with an entire office chipping in, the array of ingredients could be enough to woo just about anyone.

An office could host weekly potlucks, like "Salad Wednesdays" at Nutritious America, or host the occasional Salad Day event, like Wachiawa.

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Humans naturally crave salty and fatty foods, originating as a survival mechanism. Before modern society our species craved these foods to combat periods of famine. Unfortunately today, our society tends to feast not famine.

The notion of healthier food options, especially a potluck is a wonderful idea.