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Rural HUB

Collaborative work spaces,like the HUB network,can be implemented at rural locations. Group immersions, or long term office space can be set at rural locations, where life can be a lot healthier and engage with the local community supporting projects

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Working can be very rewarding, healthy, and conduce to personal and group transformation if done at appropriate settings. Rural HUBs can be part of the global HUB network, and facilitate collaborative working spaces for organizations.

Group immersions at rural settings can be very productive, both developing certain tasks an organization needs, and transforming life habits of coworkers. Working at a place where conscious slow food is procured, where the air, water, and food is fresh, where outdoor activities alternate indoor ones, where coworkers not only work, but live together for a while, can really transform and generate incredible results.

Also organizations with skills often shared at cities can engage with local projects, and support transformation at rural communities. If part of the immersion time is focused working with local development projects. Rewarding experiences both for the companies, and for the rural communities, and new effective networks can be created!!

Check this WeHostels hacking immersion Camp at La Juanita Finca Verde


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I also feel much more productive and focused in rural places when working with a team. This is a great idea, in fact you can immediately start developing it as a concept which would definitely merge with HUB Global.

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