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Healthy Fridays

We can create healthy workplaces and workforces by encouraging staff to learn together about healthy diet, the importance of physical activity and various other health related issues through coaching sessions.

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The key here is learning together as a team by creating ‘Healthy Fridays’. Each Friday, staff members would practice one hour of healthy activity within the supervision of an experienced professional.

The first half an hour would be devoted to physical activity. Depending on the week, this would include such activities as yoga, pilates or meditation (mental health). Physical activity is proven to influence individual productivity, which is crucial asset in a workplace setting. Moreover, there is strong evidence that physical inactivity increases the risk of many adverse health conditions,including major non-communicable diseases such as coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, as well as breast and colon cancers, and shortens life expectancy (Lee et al., 2012).

The physical activity would be followed by a healthy lunch over the next half an hour. The goal is to learn about nutrition while tasting delicious and healthy dishes at lunch time with your colleagues by creating sociable spaces to discuss health related topics. Topics for discussion could be decided a week before so that everyone has time to find the necessary information and decide on interesting aspects to share with others.

The meals could be ordered to local producers or caters and governments should offer tax exemptions to companies that participate to the ‘Healthy Fridays’.


Lee, I-Min, Shiroma, E. J., Lobelo, F., Puska, P., Blair, S.N., Katzmarzyk, P.T. (2012). Effect of Physical Activity on Major Non-Communicable Diseases Worldwide: an Analysis of Burden of Disease and Life Expectancy. Lancet, 380, 219-229.

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I think the idea of healthy fridays should not only recommend in workplace but also schools. As students are next generating of elder people, we also should care more. For instance, physical education develops the students’ motor skills and hand-eye coordination.