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Bring your workplace outside!

There are plenty of parks and green spaces in cities across the world that are yearning to be used. Let’s use them!

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Libraries, coffee shops and meeting rooms are great places to get stuff done!

We also like to use the vast amount of parks that we have in our cities across the world - they are places of inspiration.

Coffee shops have all the amenities that we need; desk space, comfy seats, wi-fi, plug sockets and often, cool music! What if we could integrate the two?

London has 38% green space and Berlin has 42%. New York and San Francisco also have plenty with almost 20% each.

When you need to get a report done, read your textbook or have a group meeting, would you use somewhere such as Central Park, New York or Regents Park, London to complete it?

Group areas and personalised areas for specific people could be thought about.

We could also explore part-shelters or enclosures whilst trying to stay away from simple sheds and smoker-sections.

An example of a fascinating and practical meeting place is the Sony Centre, Berlin

'Natural surroundings reduce stress and tension' - research shows that working outside has great benefits!

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Get Outside.


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Great inspiration. I like the idea of having the option to work in an environment where you feel you will be more relaxed and will perform better.

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Thanks for your input, Maroun. It's really useful to hear your feedback.

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This idea in practise could make a great impact on the quality of life of individuals. In certain countries, particularly here in the UK, people often begrudge going to work on nice summers day, and feel that they are missing out on precious sunshine and warm weather. This way they will be able to combine the two and not feel like they are missing out.

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Thanks Kas, really great to hear your thoughts.

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Glad you posted this! I work in an office with a desktop computer, but I've noted to my boss that if we had laptops, we'd be able to accomplish all the same tasks while taking our work outside, with the only difference being increased exposure to the natural world and sunlight. Like Jack commented, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) negatively impacts many people. When workers are stuck indoors from 8-5, especially in winter and higher latitudes, that can mean there's no daylight left for soaking up after work. It's important that employees, as human beings, are allowed to enjoy the natural light of the sun.

Here's an interesting and related article:

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I love the idea of working outdoors to promote well-being. It takes you back to school when the prospect of a class outside was always really exciting. A change in routine is so important to stop work from becoming mundane. Natural light is also crucial to peoples health and a trip to an outside green space certainly provides natural light. Seasonal effective disorder can really limit peoples lives. So important to be connected to the outdoors. Love it!

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Thanks Jack - really great to hear some feedback, particularly relating it to memories of school. It could be a lot like that but, also, if the infrastructure was there in parks then not only could it allow groups but also individuals to use the space. Now, we just need some protection from the English winter rain!