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Be rewarded by your firm if you are an AADE : 'Active At Dawn Employee' -

20mins sport activity before work raises productivity & health indicators. As one's mind has yet to gather up many excuses, a.m. intended sport is more likely to be fulfilled. Show you are an AADE & receive the right to arrive 30min later into office

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Regularly working out at least 20 mins in the morning, (even as a sustained pace walk), has been numerously shown to increase a workers: alertness, focus, and performance, in addition to their physical-mental health indicators.

Companies will maximise productivity from such employees, thus should reward these individuals by offering concessions for slightly later arrivals into office. 

This will be appreciated by those who take up such dawn activities, for the following reasons:
- Exercising before work or walking/biking to work typically takes more time to fulfil than simply driving to work or sitting on public transport. 
- They may also demand a 'cool down period' or the need for showering / changing clothing gear following the completion of the activity. 

Thus despite such individuals typically committing to getting up earlier, the extra 15, 30, or 45 mins reward in the morning loosens the stress constraints of punctuality.

Engaging in a minimum of 20 mins: biking, running, walking // fitness, yoga, meditation classes// swimming, gym sessions,... etc., before work ALL can contribute to improving that day's productivity and personal wellbeing, thus can  be rewarded with 'AADE' points. 

If needs be, the activity can be proven in real time through emailing a mobile taken picture by the employee whilst doing the activity, or through a signature from a sports personnel. 
Of note: The benefits derived from promoting this behavioral change in the work place are likely to exceed the need to police the cheaters.  

In the event that a meeting is scheduled first thing in the morning, this 15-30-45 mins concession can be transferred towards extending a lunch break or towards going home earlier in the evening. They could also be accumulated to provide the employee extra days of payed holiday.

I used to bike for 45 mins almost every day whilst living in London. On some days I would be running 5-8 mins behind schedule just getting my spare gear prepared. Consequently I would really push my pedaling speed in order to make up this lost time. Not only did this lead me to arrive excessively sweaty, feeble and feeling out of breath for an immediate start, but it dangerously also led me to take many more risks on the road, several times even coming close to a collision with other road vehicles. 

Please do comment and let me whether you too see a scheme like this as a realistic possibility within your work culture ! 


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Exciting thoughts Celine – looking forward to hearing more developments on this in the upcoming Concepting phase. Make sure you post it again there too – and meanwhile you might like to check out the Feed Your Idea section here: Hoping to see more of you on OpenIDEO!

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