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A sense of purpose

Yes, the feeling of accomplishment is important, crucial to one-self peace of mind and ultimately, health. But to find health at work we need two things: work with ourselves and help from the outside.

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Yes, sense of accomplishment is crucial to feel great with ourselves, to really feel fulfillment, and feeling fulfilled helps on our sense of happiness and there for, it impacts positively on our health.
But to accomplish we need various things.
First of all we personally must need to find what is it that we would like to do, to dedicate ourselves with all our passion and potential, but we also need a huge hunger to reach our goals. I can tell you, by observing my friends and peers, I see people that are happier when they are doing at work what they really love to do, but decided to pursuit their dreams and objectives, and were willing to reach to where they have reached. This means that they took the time to think what is what they liked, and took the choice of pursuing it. I see people around me that are too afraid of even bringing the question of what is what they like, but they are frustrated and sad at the work and company they are now!
Ask me how they look... the ones that are at peace with what they are doing and the company or institution they are doing it, they do look healthy, and they build on that, they have the chance to nurture their relationships with friends and family, and also can enrich their lives by pursuing hobbies and other personal interests.
People that are not happy with what they are doing, they wake up everyday like they must have to, like if they were carrying a huge weight on them, normally are not in the mood to do fun things and always are sick of something, commonly having a cold or a flu.

So, to be healthy at work and having a sense of accomplishment is necessary, but it starts with working with our selves. If I can paraphrase Jim Collins, personal achievement is a result of conscious choice and discipline.

Now, the help we need from outside is to have better organizational systems. Ones that can help place the right people in the right functions, as well as offering the best processes to retain and develop people. The whole work experience needs to be rethought taking examples of Google, SAS and Zappos.

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we all certainly agree that the more efficient response is in education... looking for self respect, building opportunities to gain courage and confidence in ourselves, this is the way to be healthier and productive.