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Lively London: Step-by-Step

Encourage Londoners to take the stairs on the underground by installing oyster card readers at the top & bottom of each station's flight of stairs. Allowing commuters to record the number of steps they've climbed & descended! Also possible in offices

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Install oyster card readers at the top and bottom of each station on the London Underground, also possible in office blocks. The card would be updated with the exact amount of steps between the card reader at the top and bottom of the flight of stairs at each station. Moreover, a separate tally could be recorded for stairs climbed and stairs descended depending on if the card was scanned at the top or bottom of the flight of stairs first. 

The same principle could easily be applied in an office block, so individual businesses could independently encourage their employees to be more active on a day-to-day basis. 

To maximise participation a website should be created whereby a friendly competition could easily be started between friends, family and colleagues.  

What are the benefits of your concept for the individual and the employer?

Benefits to the individual: - decreased body fat - increased fitness - healthier heart - increased energy levels Benefits to the employer: - increased productivity - employee bonding through creating a friendly competitive atmosphere

What might the impact of your concept be and how might it be measured?

Potential impact: - healthier London and/or healthier workplace Measured via oyster cards or equivalent.

How might your concept be designed to scale and spread to reach as many people as possible?

Once initial infrastructure is installed the concept would grow naturally but would be taken up far faster if coupled with an innovative marketing scheme.

How might you design a small experiment around your concept that would mobilise action?

To test the concept card readers could be installed within one office block and the businesses within the block should create a scheme to reward their most active employees.

Evaluation results

7 evaluations so far

1. Is this concept addressing clear health needs for users?

Indeed! It’s addressing an unmet need in a new way - 71.4%

Yep – it’s addressing a need but in an already crowded space - 0%

It’s not clear to see how this idea would significantly improve people’s health - 28.6%

2. Overall how do you feel about this concept?

This concept rocked my world - 42.9%

I liked it but prefered others - 42.9%

It didn't get my overly excited. - 14.3%

3. Does this concept feel like it could potentially be sustained as a business or movement over years rather than just months?  Does it feel like it will continue to be relevant in the future?

This concept has enough momentum to stand on its own two feet and remain relevant for years to come - 42.9%

It’s not clear how long it would take for this concept to stand on its own feet or how it will continue – but there’s reason to feel hopeful - 42.9%

This concept may have trouble sustaining itself in the long-run and stay relevant - 14.3%

4. How easy would it be for people to get involved and improve their health with this idea?

Very easy. It's clear how people could get involved quickly in this concept - 71.4%

I'm not sure if I can grasp how people could get involved easily - 14.3%

It seems challenging for people to get involved quickly in this concept - 14.3%

5. Does this concept have the potential to reach large numbers of people?

Sure. I could imagine this would spread like wild fire - 42.9%

It's interesting but feels like it would be slow or challenging to grow - 28.6%

It seems somewhat limited in scope - 28.6%


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Hey there Ryan – If you're interested in pursuing your idea further, you might want to check out the Knight News Challenge. They're focusing on the topic of health and the winning entries will receive grant funding to bring ideas to life. You can check it out here

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