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Dwelled - app to rate offices on their health and wellbeing

How well is your dwell? This simple app would rate office wellness. Employees could nominate their company and/or submit photos of their offices, then they would be rated on how well the office meets health criteria (i.e. natural lighting, etc.)

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Many companies believe they provide healthy, happy office spaces and activities for their employees. But what to employees think? This app would allow people to upload photos of their workplaces and users could rate workplaces on a number of criteria, for example natural lighting, greenery, work space, etc. This could help build a crowd sourced view of the healthiest, happiest workplace in the world that is truly built on the beliefs of communities around the globe.

What are the benefits of your concept for the individual and the employer?

This app could inspire people to share what they like about their workplaces, and give certain workplaces a much needed wake up call to make their offices more healthy. The result could be very positive for individuals and their employers as we crowd source what makes a healthy, happy workplace. It could also help benchmark across industries and prove useful in terms of retention and attraction of employee talent.

What might the impact of your concept be and how might it be measured?

This app and crowd sourcing platform could inspire workplaces to change aspects of their offices, in particular if the community rates a particular office space very low. The more positive health examples in the workplace that are shared via the app, the more inspiration will be available to hopefully change workplaces for the better!

How might your concept be designed to scale and spread to reach as many people as possible?

We'd start off with an app, and then perhaps it could grow into an accredited rating system, sort of like the LEED Green Building Rating Systems except for health and wellbeing.

How might you design a small experiment around your concept that would mobilise action?

Pilot in a small office and then expand from there! Or you could just launch the app on the Apple store and see what happens!


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Oh I like your concept sarah! I think it is a differtent way to disconect of the work, and what about share experiences??

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