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Break Out of The Cage

Breaking out of the cage is all about relieving mental stress in workplaces. Hectic work hours, strict policies and tricky office environments are some very famous factors affecting an employee’s mental thus physical health.

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Physical work space matters a lot to any employee. A colorful  organic, playful environment than in a grey, linear, boring one is much easier to make your workforce happy and content which eventually leads them to be more healthy, creative and productive.

This concept can work in a lot of simple ways like changing to a more vibrant office atmosphere by bringing in healthy creative color psychology to form exciting work spaces.

A flexible interior furniture design and open office spaces will impact hard working brains as cool, calm and relaxing environment to be within.

Add vibrant and cool colors like, yellow to relax your staff in those chaotic work tasks, red to excite them when having passive lunch meals, White for those seeking an airy open calm feel. Different colors can play so much different effects on working conditions of an office.

Or simply arrange huge community like sit-around sessions for active brain storming that includes lively participation of all the employees or departments to come up with more creative and dynamic solutions as a team.

What are the benefits of your concept for the individual and the employer?

Employees love an office where they can easily collaborate with other staff and blend in easily with environment. If they don’t feel like moving into a cage when stepping inside the office door they won’t feel like working for 8 hours a day, instead they would focus on their stay to be as productive as one’s potential allow. Workers would feel more flexible and responsibly empowered in a less demanding and stress free environment. Mentally relaxed employees are likely to become more fruitful and useful for their employers. Satisfactory working environment will win employer their employee’s health, conviction and true potential. By promoting open office environments employers will mark their social credibility as healthy community building organizations.

What might the impact of your concept be and how might it be measured?

• Flexible and less formal work space can be very effective in making employees pleased working for any employer. • This will help employees become more active around the office then just sitting and killing time on tasks. • Enhance employee morale as a responsible person among work community environment. • Provide great opportunities for employees to collaborate effectively and more productively in tasks. • Majorly relieve mental stress thus improving employee occupational health and efficiency. These impacts can be measured easily by keeping regular checks on in-office activities and employee behaviors. Managers can be assigned to lead their teams for better exercise of this freedom and keep a short check on their progression before and after.

How might you design a small experiment around your concept that would mobilise action?

A company of smaller number of employees (15-30) can easily put open office environment to practice where people are less worried about their seats and are flexible on choosing where to sit as they see fit and productive. Color psychology consultants suggest different colors for different office staffs. Why not make your office blend of attractive vibrant and neutral colors. Provide your office with some flexible furniture and work areas that can be moved around in new arrangements. Engage the staff to switch work desks on bi weekly basis or as per their concern on irregular intervals. Studies prove that a simple change in environment can do remarkable de-stressing effects on human brain. Creatively open work space can be a very impactful as mental stress reducing environment. This will highly improve employee collaborations and nurture convenient communications. The results and impacts of this activity can lead to much bigger and better changes in office environment so as to make them more productive and less guarded among the work force to collaborate efficiently.


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I'm totally agree with adding vibrant colors, thew can be very important for making a better environment and motivate the employees. Studying the different shades for the different goals you can have. Concentrate, motivation, relax...

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