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Annual Wellness check-up

Similar to an annual health check the annual wellness check would cover not only your physical health but also your mental health, wellbeing and happiness.

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The annual wellness check is a much more holistic appraisal of your wellbeing and would cover not only your physical health but also your mental health, wellbeing and happiness.  The check would include physical tests but also a questionnaire to understand more about your 'happiness'.  Once you have the results they would be followed up with an individual action plan to set targets for the following year to help you improve different aspects of your wellbeing.  The check doesn't stop there, as there would be a network of experts and resources to help and support you make these positive changes.

What are the benefits of your concept for the individual and the employer?

The individual gets a tailored wellbeing check complete with follow up and support. The employer has a happier healthier workforce that are more engaged and productive.

What might the impact of your concept be and how might it be measured?

The first year would create baseline data for all employees and the results from the following year would measure improvements. The number of people who engage with the experts and resources could also imagine.

How might your concept be designed to scale and spread to reach as many people as possible?

It would begin with employees then spread out to their families, perhaps as part of a benefit package?


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Great concept. I think annual wellness check up is vey important for people especially for working people. As we all know, while having stress in your life is normal and often unavoidable, being stressed is something you can control. However, there are some tips for people to reduce their stress. If you're stressed out, admit it and figure out how to handle it. Focusing on it will only make things seem worse. For example, between exams, papers and maintaining an active social life.

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