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Smart Fruit

Smart fruit is a concept using technology to healthier snacking by promoting fruit within a network.

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Smart fruit bowl uses smart technologies:

· Wi-Fi

· Object recognition

· Bluetooth

· Bar code scanning

· Mobile applications

· Web applications

The smart fruit bowl is a self-managing fruit bowl that alerts users when their preferred fruits are ripe or spoiled.

Using a display and web/phone applications the smart fruit bowl can inform users about the health benefits of each fruit; how much vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants their receiving with each fruit.

Smart fruit bowl can be used on numerous platforms such as within a large scale company where the application called ‘My fruit bowl’ creates profiles of employees creating a more personal service with a communal fruit bowl.

My fruit bowl app

This is a personal management system:

· Recommending fruits based on your eating history

· Popular fruits being eaten

· Featured/new fruits within the bowl

· Ripe fruits

· The fruit bowl constantly learns and adapts to individuals fruity habits

Using the smart phone app the bowl picks up an individual’s Bluetooth signature and establishes them within proximity of the bowl sending an extra reminder to them to eat one of their preferred fruits.

Combined suggestive Nudges and recommendations to new and exciting fruits, keep people engaged with healthy. Smart fruit bowl can hopefully create a great healthy snacking community which has potential to grow as more people recommend the real health benefits of fruit.

What are the benefits of your concept for the individual and the employer?

• Receiving essential vitamins and minerals • Fruit is an antioxidant • Reduces risk of illness • Encourages healthier eating • Energised work force • Healthier work force

What might the impact of your concept be and how might it be measured?

By monitoring the data from the fruit bowls i.e. how much fruit is eaten daily and how many people have purchased the app.

How might you design a small experiment around your concept that would mobilise action?

I can prototype the smart fruit bowl by using object recognition software to distinguish between various fruits. Research into the change of weight and colour within ripening fruit. From that data profiles can be created of each individual fruits.


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