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Facilitate a Pet and Child Day Care Walking Distance from the Workplace

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Creating stronger bonds and leading healthier lives with loved ones by spending more time with them throughout the day ... while you are at work.

What are the benefits of your concept for the individual and the employer?


The experience of going to work in company of a loved one =

 1. Happy employee prior to starting the workday.
 2. Convenience and Increased peace of mind, knowing that child or pet will be close by in case of emergency.

Employee self-motivated to take a break to walk his or her dog. =

1. Increased Exercise Intake for both pet and employee
2. Changes employees context (i.e. pulls employee away from office)
3. Reduced Stress Level
4. Bonding: Increases the time spent with pet
5. Employee's peace of mind increased, knowing Pet is doing well.

Employee who can't own a pet but loves them, takes break to
walk over to the Pet Daycare for a short visit. =

1. Increased Exercise Intake
2. Reduced stress
3. Changes employee's context (i.e. pulls employee away from desk/office)
4. Employee has one more great experience to look forward to at work :)

Employee walks over to Child Daycare to pick up child
for a nice lunch together. =

1. Increased Exercise Intake
2. Reduced stress
3. Changes employee's context (i.e. pulls employee away from desk/office)
4. Employee's peace of mind increased, knowing Child is doing well.
5. Bonding: Increased time spent with child

Employee self-motivated to take an afternoon break
to visit Pet or Child. =

1. Increased Exercise Intake
2. Reduced stress
3. Happier Employee, Happier Pet, and Happier Child.
4. For mommies who have recently returned from maternity leave, having the child nearby will also provide the opportunity for them to breastfeed their child.

The experience of going home together (ie. with child or pet) =

1. Happier Employee
2. Happier Parent/Pet owner
3. Happier and Healthier families/communities
4. Happier, Healthier Children and Pets.


1. Less stressed employees.
2. Increased productivity.
3. Healthier and Happier employees.
4. Increased Employee Tenure
5. A stronger sense of community at work.
6. Saving in annual operations costs, due to the reduction in both turnover and absenteeism.

What might the impact of your concept be and how might it be measured?

This concept could result in short-term and long-term positive impacts. In the short-term, less stressed and healthier employees, Improved morale at work, higher productivity. In the long-term, as a result of leading a healthier lifestyle and a less stressful one, employees could potentially live longer! Another long-term positive impact could be - stronger bonds between families, therefore happier and healthier communities. To measure if the daycares have made a positive impact or not … or know if having daycares is working could be evident in the first first few months. For example, are employees happier? Is the quality of the work being delivered by employees increased? or not? Has the morale in the office and or sense of community increased or not?

How might your concept be designed to scale and spread to reach as many people as possible?

2 nearby (walking distance from the workplace) spaces or facilities could be built or rented and designed to become a Pet Daycare and Child Daycare. To reach as many people as possible, these daycares could also hold educational workshops related to Pets and/or Parenting.

How might you design a small experiment around your concept that would mobilise action?

If the workplace has 2 large enough spaces, these could be temporarily designed to become Day Cares. The small experiment could invite a small number of employees to sign up for these services. This would immediately let the employer know if there is interest. After a month or 2, check-in with employees who originally signed-up to see how and if the daycares have made an positive impact in their lives and at work.


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