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Introducing the Digital Agenda Assembly

It’s only been a few weeks since our collective Web Start-up Challenge efforts ended, but things are moving full steam ahead!

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It’s only been a few weeks since our collective Web Start-up Challenge efforts ended, but things are moving full steam ahead! Over the course of 12 weeks, our global community inspired each other to learn about start-ups, designed together to create solutions to support a thriving entrepreneurship scene, and evaluated our top concepts to identify the ones best poised to support founders as they launch and grow new online businesses. After much spirited collaboration, 10 winning concepts representing a diverse set of solutions rose to the top.
As we outlined in the challenge brief, the post-challenge plan was that the winning concepts would be presented by the European Commission (EC) at this month’s Digital Agenda Assembly – a global gathering of stakeholders from both the EC and private companies who are invested in furthering the benefits of a digital society in Europe, from supporting actions around net neutrality to creating a more welcoming environment for web entrepreneurs.
We’re now excited to announce that the authors behind the top 10 winning concepts have recently been invited to attend by the EC!
On June 21 and 22, 2012 in Brussels, Belgium, members from the EC, the OpenIDEO team and community members from our Web Start-up challenge will come together to share and brainstorm ways to bring some of these winning ideas to life. It’s going to be an exciting couple of days – and we’re hoping to bring our entire community along for the ride. Amy Bonsall, who served as Challenge Manager, will be sharing stories and photos with us after the event, so be sure to stay tuned to the Realisation phase for future updates.
While not everyone can join the fun in person, everyone who participated in the Web Start-up Challenge can feel proud of their collective input during this challenge. In fact it’s our focus on collaboration for social good that makes our challenges inclusive, diverse and fun. So whether you submitted your own ideas and built on the work of others, or simply swung by with occasional applause or comments, we hope you feel inspired knowing that your participation and collaboration contributed to an outcome that will be celebrated this week in Brussels.
Stay tuned to Realisation for upcoming updates – and swing by our Winning Concepts phase to review the great ideas that will be presented at the Assembly.

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Photo of Paul Reader

Great to see this happening!
Had felt there was a need for those submitting top concepts to be able to follow up on this particular challenge.
Also good to see opportunity for participants to share some of the outcomes and where things might be headed.

Photo of Robert Clegg

Fascinating, I didn't see anyone challenge the premise of the business model itself, funding businesses vs. funding a v 1.0 of a product which might be royalty based vs. equity. The language used, "entrepreneur" vs. "inventor" frames the problem and distracted potential solutions.

The emergence of Kickstarter and all those other crowdfunding sites should have been a sign.

What does this say for OpenIDEO and crowdsourcing innovation?

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