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What happens to the person with great ideas, but no programming expertise?

Are we only talking about helping programmers to be business people? Or are we also talking about creating spaces for business people to put their ideas into the marketplace without learning how to be programmers?

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When someone wants to publish a small town or industry/community newspaper, she doesn't need to buy the printing press or even learn how to set type. She needs to focus on the stories of her readers.

When someone wants to open a gift card shop, he doesn't have to slap mortar between bricks and construct the actual building - or even hire a contractor. He has to find an existing building whose location is fortuitous and suitable for his business.

Yet, when we talk about Web Entrepreneurship, we require people who have great ideas to construct the very edifices that their businesses will sit in. They have to know how to program, or at least understand the technical complexity of the various systems. Or they have to hire someone who does, but who may not understand, share or fulfill their vision.

And they have to pay an enormous amount of money for that technical expertise - a huge challenge to a bootstrapping start-up.

I propose some type of clearinghouse that explains, in plain, non-technical terms, what the various system options are - so that tech options are as easy to understand for budding entrepreneurs as "location, location, location." We need something from which people can learn what they can DO, not just how the programming works.

How many voices are we losing because we require them to purchase and understand the workings of the printing press before they write the story that will change the world?


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