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Under 30's Celebrate Passions

Sandbox is a global community of extraordinary young achievers below 30. They identify exceptional people worldwide that already have an impressive impact at a very young age, no matter in what field or industry. Role models are among us!

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Her fav quote: 
"The key to immortality is to live a life worth remembering!"

Sample Story:

Meet Sandboxer Tia Kansara. She considers herself foremost as an entrepreneur, and believes in people having the chance to realize their dreams and to live a life, which reflects passion.

1. Tell us the story of your latest project / occupation.

First Female, Asian Physical Training Instructor (PTI) for the TA, a battalion of cadets to perfect fitness, how hard can it be?

2. What are you doing and how did you get there?

Director of Kansara Hackney Ltd. and PhD candidate at UCL, London.
I started as an Economist returning to London after two fantastic years in Japan. In 2008 the recession hit, which left myself and many others readjusting to this new reality.
At the time, I had no idea that I would start a business and research sustainable cities. It happened that I met an architect, with whom I connected with and the rest is history. Within a week of starting the firm and stepping over the invisible line of “Action”, I found myself in Costa Rica presenting on what sustainable cities could be. After this, I became the first woman to judge a competition on Saudi soil for Saudi Arabia’s first LEED Platinum 40-Floor high-riser!
I found a niche market/area of interest and decided to apply to the best University in London to research it without a Masters degree. I worked hard for the proposal, I am no academic, got in and rejoiced at the possibility of offering the World a vision for future living.

3. Tell us about the biggest successes and failures in your life. What worked, what didn’t, and what did you learn?

Learning to let go, great to feel free of worry. Failed at many things, but never become a failure because there was always something to be hopeful about.

4. What do you want to achieve in a) the next week, b) the next year, c) the next 10 years?

a) Become the first UK qualified MOWGLI MENTOR!

1. To update research on Carbon Zero living.
2. To have a successful retreat in Australia with the UN-Habitat and UNCTAD – United Nations Conference on Trade and Development.
3. To evaluate Masdar and feed my results into the next stage of construction with Foster and Partners.

1. Taking my research to another level, diverse zero carbon schemes, ranging from London’s Mayor – Boris Johnson, C40 scheme to the UK 2016 Code for sustainable homes and Zero Carbon building the UK.
2. To design a sustainable lifestyle for the poor and revolutionize the WWF Bioregional – One Planet Guide to Living.
3. To become a TED Senior Fellow after singing on SAREGAMAPA
4. Possibly the British Ambassador to India or Japan, or both.
5. To travel around the galaxy.
6. Write a book about culture; education; men; great people; sad people, family, Britain, Indian, Japan and retire?

Better get started.

5. What was your most inspiring moment during the last two weeks?

Working on Promo for Earth 2.0.

6. How could other Sandboxers and the outside world support you and why would that be exciting for them.

I would like to connect with people working in fields that complement mine, pretty much any?! If you haven’t tried jumping out of an airplane, diving with Nitrox and working over 80+ hours a week because you love it, you may find me a little fascinating. If you have, you may be experiencing my next goal, fancy a friend?

Tia’s favourite:
-book: The Four Vedas – how can you challenge 5000 years of wisdom?
-movie: Earth 2.0
-place on earth: Underwater civilization, preferably in the Indian Ocean
-travel destination during last year: Cote d’Ivoire, Canada, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria – Allepo, Jordan, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, France, Switzerland, India, Japan, Italy, Turkey, Greece and Vietnam.. phew!
-food: Japanese Shoujin Ryouri
-drink: Doburoku
-quote: The key to immortality is to live a life worth remembering!


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Photo of Meena Kadri

Nice one, Nima. Are you part of the Sandbox team? – noticed that you've used "we" in your intro text.

Photo of Nima Moinpour

I will be soon lol. For now I changed it to third person plural.

Photo of Meena Kadri

Great. I've collaborated with a few of the Sandbox crew & have certainly found them a switched-on bunch!

Photo of DeletedUser


I think this is fantastic! I am (for a little while longer) under 30 and am often caught in the ambivalence of feeling strong and secure in my own capabilities and getting the constant "what do you know? you're still too young" response from so many people in the business world. ....until they listen to me speak or see my work product.

I actually think that the business world NEEDS younger, innovative minds to transform the way business is done, especially in regards to social responsibility.

I was recently at a meeting, where a colleague and I agreed that "our generation is awesome" and it's about time that people started taking us seriously.

Thanks for highlighting, Generation Awesome.