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To succeed on the field of business, learn from the political battleground

The reliable need for building political infrastructure has led to the development of an industry capable of growing new campaigns every cycle. The need for entrepreneurship should drive the development of a similar ecosystem of support.

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Perhaps there's an unlikely source of comparison for entrepreneurs in this case: political campaigns. Think about the nature of a local or congressional campaign…they start with little more than an idea of whom the candidate is and a vision for how they can win. Maybe there’s a prospect of raising money on the horizon, but that requires demonstrating some viability first. They have a couple staffers, if that, and they have to invent their way to a higher profile. Everything is new for a challenger and the communication landscape is always different every cycle. Finding a way to break through the clutter is essential.

It’s the same with entrepreneurs. They have a conviction about an idea and limited resources to demonstrate that it can grow. So the question is how are upstart political campaigns, transient though they may be, consistently built every cycle? What experiences does a new candidate go through when s/he is out there trying to get traction? Before any speeches or lawn signs or VFW dinners, there is just one person with an idea.

Maybe focusing on growing web entrepreneurship itself is not the only answer…maybe the important foundation is growing the infrastructure that supports web entrepreneurs. A recent article in Fast Company talked about the lessons that leaders can learn from The Godfather, and the first one is “Build a Powerful Community.” If you enable the future partners of entrepreneurs, it’s a good bet that they will be there to support the growth of future businesses as they develop.


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