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The Interview Kit: Learning from entrepreneurs

In order to make it easier to interview entrepreneurs, this handy form will ask the right questions and make it easy to post the insights as an inspiration!

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Yesterday, Anne-Laure and I created this form to send out to the web entrepreneurs we knew. By creating it on Google docs, it makes it easier to send around and consolidate the responses. You can make your own form by using these questions or I can send you the link! I'll also be posting some inspirations I collected soon.  Here is the collection of all the questions we asked:

How might we support web entrepreneurs in launching and growing sustainable global businesses?

Web entrepreneurship is emerging as a key building block for economies globally. Against a backdrop of challenging financial landscapes, increased adoption of technology is providing opportunities to connect, co-ordinate and catalyse. In this OpenIDEO challenge, the European Commission’s Digital Agenda Assembly is looking for help identifying ways to improve the environment for online start-ups.

So tell us, what was your greatest resource in the early stages?

What was the greatest barrier when starting your company?

What kind of people or organizations helped you on your journey? How?

What about technology, did you find a particular innovation helpful?

At what point did you feel good (confident, motivated)?

At what point did you feel low (isolated, powerless)?

What surprised you most about starting a company?

If there were a start-up genie in a bottle, what three wishes would you have?

Tell us a story: what was the issue you were facing and how did you overcome it?


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Thanks, I have also sent it to some entrepreneurs i know.

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Very Nice, Ohood, we look forward to seeing the insights.

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