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Business Ecosystem Research from the Cleantech Group

For clean or green technology ventures (rather than online start-ups), the Cleantech Group is a company that helps companies and investors take it to the next level.

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Cleantech Group’s research, events and advisory services accelerate market adoption, stimulate demand, and remove barriers to cleantech innovation.  A global company with offices in North America and Europe, Cleantech Group helps business leaders make strategic decisions involving cleantech innovation through their i3 Platform, the most comprehensive, vetted, up-to-date source for insights into companies, investors, financing and relationships across the clean technology ecosystem. For entrepreneurs, Cleantech Group provides visibility, networking opportunities and an innovation pipeline to investors. Entrepreneurs submit profiles of their companies to Cleantech at no cost. Profiles are vetted, companies analysed and the information goes up onto the i3 Platform. This free program helps growing companies build relationships with the cleantech investment community.

I think what sparked me about Cleantech was the combination of Cleantech's components and the way those components work in the context of the green tech business ecosystem. The centerpiece is the i3 Platform which provides research (to subscribers) on over 15,000 ventures, 4,000 investors and the relationships between them all (and an interactive "market map," too). There is an archive of quarterly analyses on investment trends and a series of reports, webinars and white papers on various topics of interest to those navigating the ecosystem. The platform also includes a dashboard with feeds aggregating information by categories such as mergers and acquisitions, investments, relationships, and top stories. Along with this research platform, Cleantech provides consulting or advisory services (including setting up incubators) and also hosts annual forums and summits for networking opportunities in cities around the world. (The San Francisco forum, taking place as I write this, includes an Eco-City public showcase of fifteen companies representing the automotive, solar, wind, building materials, energy efficiency and smart grid industries.)

When Meena asked the question, " so, you've been crowd-funded -- now what?" I thought that something like a Cleantech Group for web-based businesses might be one answer. Scaled to its own global green tech ecosystem, Cleantech actully does the same sort of work that Etsy and Tiny Lightbulbs do for products. All three of these companies inspire me to ask, "how might we map out the global web-business ecosystem and what would a version of Cleantech/Etsy/Tiny Lightbulbs for that ecosystem look like?"


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Rose – given you'll have looked at this company in some detail – what do you think the key lessons are which they provide on our challenge topic? You might even like to consider framing a "How might we..." question which connects the insights from this company to our challenge as a way of promoting discussion here. Check out more tips on Inspiration here:

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Thanks for the feedback, Meena. I revised the inspiration. Hope it's now a bit more inspiring...

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Way to go, Rose!