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Taking a Risk: Travel through Europe

A key to becoming a successful entrepreneur is taking a risk. We all understand risks in one way or another. Here is my story of risk.

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Entrepreneurship requires risk. Ideas that already work do not make for innovative business models or extremely lucrative businesses. Everyone, business person or not, has dealt with risk before, however. My latest risk was going to Europe to study design. For four months I lived in Italy, ate the food, spoke the language and traveled. This may not seem like a big risk to many people, but coming from upstate New York, and never living in another country, this was quite the shock. Europe is a continent with a lot to see in a small area. Travel, therefore, became the main focus of my trip. Living in New York State, I am a driver. I use my car to get everywhere. I got a small taste of using the bus now that I live in pittsburgh, but that's pretty easy, at least it's in English. 

Using public transportation in 5 different countries was a challenge, that although it scared me, I knew I had to tackle to get the full experience. My Italian is mediocre at best, and figuring out trains in different languages is no easy task. A lot of hand gestures, broken italian, and "thank you's" in all the languages I could think of, got me through the trip. Even after one late train in Salzburg caused me to spend a night in the Bologna train station, I keep exploring, adventuring, and experiencing. I knew I needed to see more, even if things didn't work perfectly on one of my many trips. I eventually got home after a long day of traveling. I even took the train to Venice two weeks later. I guess the ordeal didn't scare me away from traveling, after all.

I ended up going to 5 countries in my 4 months abroad. I made it to twelve cities and back to America in one piece.

Taking a risk can provide a high reward in the business world. If entrepreneurs want to succeed they can't be deterred by one missed train or a fear of new experiences. They need to revel in the risks that are involved, take a leap, and be flexible to change when things don't go as planned. Even if you aren't a business person, take a chance, and see what happens.


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Photo of Tom Hulme

Your story reminded me that the things I have done that seemed the riskiest at the time have proven to be the most gratifying afterward - it feels like an important message to budding entrepreneurs

Thanks for sharing!

Photo of Tina Musich

Thanks, Tom!