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Startup Genome Compass

The Startup Genome Compass allows you to track your progress on key startup goals, compare to peers at the same stage, and figure out what's important to work on next based on indicators on Customer, Product, Team, Business Model, & Financials.

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It helps you answer questions like "Do I have enough users to declare product/market fit? Is now the right time to step on the gas pedal and scale?"

The SGC's mission is to increase startup success rates & accelerate innovation globally, by empowering entrepreneurs with better context & information (especially given that >90% of startups fail).

The team working on this is lead by a group of entrepreneurs in collaboration with Stanford & Berkeley academics. They already have data from thousands of startups, ranging from founders with just an idea to those who've already raised Series B financing, around the world (Silicon Valley, London, Sao Paulo, Moscow, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.).

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Here are some of the findings of the report:
Founders that learn are more successful
Solo founders take 3.6x longer to reach scale stage
Business-heavy founding teams are 6.2x more likely to successfully scale
Balanced teams with one technical founder and one business founder
raise 30% more money
Founders overestimate the value of IP before product market fit by
Startups need 2-3 times longer to validate their market than most
founders expect.
Startups that haven’t raised money over-estimate their market size by
Premature scaling is the most common reason for startups to perform

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