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OpenIDEO as a platform and a community which supports social innovation and collaboration, and aims to have an impact: a way to support entrepreneurship related to social innovation and a model of entrepreneurship as well.

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As I was going through the inspirations highlighting the importance of people, connecting, networking, sharing of ideas, coaching, I could not help thinking of my experience on OpenIDEO.

OpenIDEO affords all of this: people, connections, sharing and developing ideas, and coaching / mentoring. It also provides coaching through the process it takes the community members and through the feedback of the community managers, the sponsors and other community members.  Relationships develop and people collaborate virtually.

Concepts, winning or not (the openIDEO student chapter was a concept from the Impact challenge but not among the winning one) are for everyone to be inspired and to implement them to create impact. The OpenIDEO team celebrates these impact stories (support them, e.g. the first IDEO London Make-a-thon to develop concepts that emerged from the Amnesty International challenge) and share them whenever they can in their field notes (e.g. /open/how-can-we-improve-sanitation-and-better-manage-human-waste-in-low-income-urban-communities/realisation/our-latest-video-from-the-trial/).

In that sense, OpenIDEO seems to me an interesting example of a virtual incubator.

I also see OpenIDEO as a great entrepreneurial enterprise within IDEO itself.


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I've had the same thoughts, If an entrepreneur, social or commercial, could look at all these concepts, they can definitely pick out multiple viable business opportunities!

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