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Move to Africa!

Wired magazine's David Rowan explains why he says "If you want to become extremely wealthy over the next five years, and you have a basic grasp of technology, here's a no-brainer: move to Africa."

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Surely web entrepreneurs can only benefit from associating with fast emerging tech revolution epicentres such as those in Africa?

David Rowan continues on (echoed on

"Seriously. The internet is only now arriving, and -- with a billion people on the continent still mostly offline -- there exists a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build the next Zyngas, eBays and Groupons for a huge untapped local market. You need only look at the map of huge broadband fibreoptic cables currently being laid on both east and west coasts, from Djibouti to Dakar, to understand how quickly and ambitiously an entire continent is being connected. It's like being back in 1995 again, and realising there might just be a market for an online bookshop or auction website."


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Awesome mind opener. I knew mobile phone went fast, but this infographic is amazing.

There have been many little projects to use ICT to improve basic life and business in africa, I can imagine the EC setting up an openIDEA gateway helping European webentrepreneurs to identify local experiments over the last 10 years and transform them with these early pioneers to web 3.0 experiences/business/ecosystems.

Defenetally curious to the concept this inspiration might lead too. What does it take?

Photo of Sheldon Allen*

Hi Paul. I thought you might be interested in this video clip I added to the inspiration...

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