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Let's shape an entrepreneurial mindset at university!

iNNoVaNDiS is a program launched at Deusto University which aims to create an entrepreneurial mindset among the students. Go see the video!

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In year 2005, in the campus of University of Deusto in San Sebastián, the iNNoVaNDiS program was born.

Its objective: to wake up and promote the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit among future professionals appointed to change the world.


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Great inspiration and wonderful program! I've been trying to do some of these things but only in a course context... I love the experiential learning, the multidisciplinarity, and the enthusiasm part... this is where students might learn how to keep (or regain) a prototyping spirit and learn that failing sometimes happen (and is needed) when you innovate. thanks for sharing!

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Awesome! A similar initiative was just announced at my university. By taking 2 courses in Digital Specialization, students will have "the opportunity to acquire digital skills and achieve academic credit for pursuit of students’ entrepreneurial ideas in the areas of business and social innovation."
More information can be found here: