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Kickstarter helps projects find funding through an open network of people who are willing to contribute. It makes funding the first project easier.

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Kickstarter is one of several companies that allow for groups and individuals to post their project for crowdsource funding. It let's you pitch to an open public who decides whether they want to fund heavily, fund just a small amount or not at all. The funders get tokens of appreciation from the project starters as a thank you in the end.

Some really great projects which eventually turned into start up companies started this way. It's a good test to see if your idea or project will work out before you start. People can comment on it so you get feedback also.


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Hi Jennifer, great you've joined this wonderful platform. ANd thanks for sharing your inspiration. Have you seen these two (one by me, one by Ozlem Aslan):

It's always good to see an idea pop up several times in the inspiration phase. That emphasizes the value of it, I tend to think. Did you know that you can link inspirations together? It would be good if you do that, so that it's easy to see the connection. Here's a how-to instruction from the user forums:

Oh, and links do not work in the summary section of an inspiration or concept. You can put links in the description section. Here's an instruction how to do that:

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Hi Arjan! No I didn't see those, I must have missed it, there are quite the number of inspirations to browse through. Thanks for the heads up. Should I take it down? I'm not sure of their policy on this.

But thanks for sharing and all the useful links. It's my first time so all your help is greatly appreciated!

Photo of Arjan Tupan

Nono, don't take it down. WIth large numbers of inspirations, this is bound to happen. It's more a case of 'great minds think alike' :).

But... it would be great if you can connect them to your inspiration. In that way, it's more visible that this crowd funding is a good part of the inspiration and can be important.
On top of that, it will give you extra DQ points :).

Photo of Meena Kadri

Here's a quick tip: we're starting to see a couple of related inspirations around crowdfunding and you might want to connect them to your post using the Build Upon feature. This helps us all join the dots between related posts and will show up on your Collaboration Map for this post. Plus, as Arjan mentioned, you'll get more DQ points!. Hit the Update button on the right of your post, then scroll down to Build Upon. Search terms like 'crowdfunding and crowd funding' and drag anything relevant over to your Build Upon field. Keep up the great work!