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Interns..Bring them all together

Student interns many a time come up with great ideas/approaches which sometime get rejeted. There should be some platform where all these fresh interns could come together and discuss about their unnurtured ideas and conceptualise them into B-plans.

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I am a design student and currently doing an internship with a graphics major. As an intern I feel that a student intern brings new energy to the company with his/her new ideas and way of working which is not yet dissolved with the organisations style of working. It becomes a win win situation for both student intern as well as the organisation.

Many a time students come up with great ideas through the course of internship. And many a times these are not exactly what the organisation want them to focus on. Resulting in many great unnurtured ideas flush down the gutter. I assume this is not the case just with a design student. Industry internships give students a platform to learn many things and inspire them to take huge responsibilities. however many a times even students give away there seemingly potential ideas infront of lucrative oraganisational pressure/offerings.

It is clear that students are left buzzing with such unnurtured ideas after they finish up with there internships.During the course of internships they had already learned that why there idea wasn't accepted and they are in a better position of conceptualising it in detail in a better way.

"Intern..Bring them all together" conceptualises a platform where all students can share and talk about their failures and unnurtured ideas.This platform will allow these young students and future entreprenuers to discuss about there potential ideas and form groups to realise them. Learnings form various form of industries would come handy in detailing these ideas into contrete B-plans.

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This is very correct in a way but the matter of fact is, how much the company which says to think "out of the box" is ready to except it and take it an an innovative adventure, generally most of these companies which tells the designer to think out of the box, doesn't know what exactly it means, for them "out of the box" means from one cubical to another, there are very few who think out of the system and beyond the rules laid out... what to do about that?