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International Crowdfunding with IndieGoGo

Crowdfunding can help get project under way. Kickstarter has proved it many times over, and so has IndieGoGo

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Inspired by the Kickstarter inspiration of Ozlem Aslan, I wanted to share another crowdfunding platform: IndieGoGo. Where Kickstarter limits participation to US residents, on IndieGoGo anybody can start a crowd funding campaign.


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Photo of Meena Kadri

Great highlight of IndieGoGo's global relevance. Tip: to activate links in your post, hit the Update Entry button up there on the right, then follow the instructions here:

Photo of Arjan Tupan

LOL, really. Did I just do that? And did you just explain to me how this works. Hahaha. I've been away too long. Sorry.

Photo of Krassimira Iordanova

Hey Arjan, this is a great idea. I will help with your project...saw the tweet last night! This is what friends are and this is so great you can share with this community your experience first hand!:-)

Photo of Arjan Tupan

Haha, thanks, Krassimira. Yes, it's through my Book Dream project that I've found out about IndieGoGo and that as a non-US resident I could not use Kickstarter. All help is welcomed warmly :).

Photo of Arjan Tupan

Oh, and indeed. It's also a great way of getting the experience of how crowd funding works. Sometimes we might think that by sending out one tweet and putting it on Facebook once, we have spammed our friends enough. But funny that you mention seeing the tweet last night. I've been tweeting and facebooking and pinning etcetera about it every day for the last almost 2 weeks. Goes to show, that you have to really put effort in such a campaign, because not everything gets noticed by everybody.

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