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i4c, in partnership with Galvanize and Touchpoint Partners- a platform for social enterprises

i4c is a campaign to support triple bottom line companies (which I am helping to build). We use a marketing platform- both physical and online- to promote social enterprises, and invest for an equity stake in select companies.

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One thing is certain- entrepreneurs need visibility and investment. Although the i4c Campaign is not entirely for online entrepreneurs, it is clear that the same concepts apply for purely web-based businesses. 

Entrepreneurs and innovative companies "grow up" when they have been developed in a certain ecosystem. The ecosystem must have all the right components- from available venture dollars to other innovative startups. 

Any platform looking to build entrepreneurship and innovation must have this "blend" to truly build a generation of healthy young companies that have the capacity to scale. 

The i4c Campaign looks to provide a small piece of this- marketing and investment. We are building this platform for next-generation social enterprises that combine for-profit business models with next generation technologies and designs to solve social and environmental problems. 

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