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How to get more concrete local or Europe centric Inspirations directly from European users ?

How we can use this European centric initiative to from one side Enrich OpenIDEO Comunity and from other side to get more concrete Local Europe Centric Inspirations directly from European users ?

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Written by DeletedUser

Yes, OpenIDEO users are from all of the world, some of us are allready from old contiment and we are trying to bring good Local exmplaes, but may be we can still do much more ?!

In Visualization exits technique called puzzling, you don't draw network just as connected simple Dots, Circles or Squares, but rather as unique puzzle pieces. Main puspose is to encourgae mind to find dirences in common concept. Many inspirations are nice samples of such networks and we need local experinces and near border cooperations to see hidden parts of such puzzles.

Here is example of near border cooperation puzzlling:

TheHUB Vienna (Austria) start some time ago program Social Impact Award and it's now gonig to Czech Republic and Romaina. This program is from one side competion with awards, but from other side is series of open and free preparation seminars.

On 8.3.2012 was in TheHUB Prague (Czech Republic)  first kickof meeting of first CZ Social Impact Award focused on to encourage students to start their social startup, inspired by this OpenIDEO chalenge and concepts: 

How might we increase social impact with OpenIDEO over the next year?

 o Chloe's OpenIDEO Ambassador (I try this as presenter)

 o David's OpenIDEO Collaboratories (It's on poster, he has there HUB allready)

 o Anjelika's Local OpenIDEO Chapters

 o Ashley's OpenUNI

I prepare poster about OpenIDEO (See photo) and present it during breaks.

Can you guess how many of ~70 studets from various Czech Univesities ever hear about OpenIDEO ?


1. Enrich OpenIDEO community

We will may be not be able to handle large Viral Marketing Storms due to lack of  newcomer guides, see Chloe's OpenIDEO Buddy , but becuase all submitions are public, may we can simply pinback local subjects with links speaking about them in their specific discusion forums ?

2. Measure and Visualize per/by Countries

 o As starting point we can do email subject trick = simply add code for country on begining of descriptions like CZ Books is glue for similar groups of peoples ? For Sure , this inspire startup

o Next step will be to add Visual Country Flags to both submitions and submiters (and whole OpenIDEO profile) (and BTW: How many users fill in Country in their profile ?)

o Make Stats in infographic style, Paul's interactive Google maps for submitions and pie stats for submiters (and whole OpenIDEO users, intuition is saying then addressing one specific region can (or must) unfluence users strucutre ?)

3. Help non-native English OpenIDEO users to more easly participate

Native English speakers many times over see this, but for most non-native English speakers takes writing in English much more time then in their Native Language. Solution can be to extend Kirk's TEAM me, Duane's OpenIDEO Skills and Chloe's  OpenIDEO Buddy ideas by adding to OpenIDEO functionality to work on submitions in Pairs - Non-Native English speaking Submiter and Native English speaking Editor (This idea was discsued couple years ago as a one of potenital features of new system in OpenUniverisy,UK). Also Sarah's OpenTRANSLATE idea can be integrated, if submiter will don't have their English on enought level yet ? 

=========== Answer is =========

ZERO 0 Nobody from ~70 studets from various Czech Univesities ever hear about OpenIDEO !


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Share this challenge with as many people as you know who might contribute?

There are several Europeans on, and I've seen already quite some inspirations from our beloved Old Continent :).

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Hi Arjan, you have inspirations from Riga? I am digging in my direct region (Arad/Timisoara).

What needs to be done in Riga and what webtools/business are needed for that?

Photo of Arjan Tupan

Yes, I even shared one already:
and a Baltic one called Garage48.

Even though economic circumstances are hard these days, there's a vibrant pool of talent here. We can use more of these initiatives.

Photo of Paul van Zoggel

Ah, we need to find a way to search better 127 inspirations. A googlemaps field in submission would be cool.

Riga sounds great for startups. We are starting here in Arad something, but doesn't have a fancy website yet.

The hard times; my landlord taught me; "When there is blood on the street, you need to start investing." In Baltic and Banat region of europa many young people have the will to move forward I guess.

Keep in touch.

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Hi Paul,

You can also contact strategist Mike Reiner from, they started in this region and expand to Rusia (They site is powered by engine from Estonia :-)

Photo of Paul van Zoggel

Thanks Rudolf, will check out the contact for this border region connecting Arad, Novi Sad and Szeged cities.

So many new initiatives I never heard off before, was I away?

And a HUB in .RO! probably the capital bucharest.

thanks again!