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Helping startups and entrepreneurs build their dream team

Enternships is a jobs and work experience portal that connects students and graduates to startups and small companies.

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Small companies are having a difficult time finding the right people to join their team, particularly young graduates. They lack the resources, time and HR expertise to be able to get in touch with students and invite them to join their innovative projects.

And students are precisely the right people to join startups: they are creative, not afraid to go over the top with an idea and up to date with the latest in their field. Just what a startup is and wants to deliver.

With Enternships now entrepreneurs with an idea or companies can sign up, post a role and we'll get students to them. Roles can either be in the form of internships, volunteer work or full-time positions, depending on each and everyone's needs. We do our best at ensuring that all listings receive top applications

It's the fastest and cheapest way for anyone to attract fresh talent from university as a step towards building the perfect startup team.

Since formally launching in 2009, more than 4000 companies in over 20 countries have used Enternships to find graduate talent,  including companies like Groupon, PayPal and celebrities like James Caan and Peter Jones of Dragons Den and Martha Lane Fox of

We direct students to our homepage ( ) where they can search for a type of role in a specific area of the country or to an Industry landing pages (eg ) where they can find our more information about getting work experience and ultimately a job in a specific industry.


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Great stuff, Andreea! Are you part of the Enternships team? I notice you've said "we" quite a lot here.

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Hi Meena, thanks a lot! Yes, I started working with Enternships as an intern and quickly fell in love with the idea and the team so 6 months later, here I am still! So if you're ever in need of an entern or enternship, you know where to come :)

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Way to go Andreea!

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