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Having the courage to change course

In the same way that Fuji Film pivoted to wholeheartedly embrace digital photography, the ability to recognise and effectively change the direction of a business is a critical quality to possess.

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A good example of someone who successfully transformed a business into a completely different orbit is Vestergaard Frandsen.

Frandsen took the family textile business,  supplying uniforms for hotel receptionists and supermarket staff and created a social enterprise by supplying blankets to key areas of need in Africa. A new product range grew out of the offering PermaNets - mosquito repellent netting, and Lifestraw - a free filtration system to provide clean water free from disease.   

Even the means of generating revenue for the venture was unique. In the case of Lifestraw instead of asking those who needed the product the most to spend money, Vestergaard was able to claim money back on the carbon savings from people not having to boil water to make it safe.   

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Tom, what I like most about your inspiration is it proves that businesses can never stop iterating their mission and offering. Whether it's a complete pivot or merely a slight move, they have to keep refining and growing over time.

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& here's a cautionary tale from folks who didn't do that: