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Have a designer as the founder

Design Week magazine have just published an article where they discuss 'how companies embed a design culture that enables them to produce great products over and over again'

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Although the article in Design Week is talking about what designers can bring to start-ups in general, it's very interesting to see that they have listed web start-ups Tumblr, YouTube and AirBnB as good examples - these are all web start-ups! 

The article states that 'The clearest and simplest way of doing this is by ensuring that design is included in the earliest stages of a company’s formation - by having a designer as a founder.'

Do most web start-ups have a designer as their founder or are they usually a 'business entrepreneur' with a web idea?
'Beyond having the right idea, designers are also really comfortable with the hands-on processes required to get an innovative new product to market.'

Who ever is making the decision for the start-up they really need to think with a web design head to a) understand what their limitations/scope is
'It’s not easy though. Founding a startup is always a huge challenge. Beyond working 120-hour weeks, designer-founders need to be prepared to move their thinking beyond designing a product to designing the organisation that designs the product. In short - management.'

and b) create something fantastic that people will use!
‘Digital products and services are now so inexpensive to test and prototype that my advice would be to stop thinking about building something and just go and make something.’

Do web start-ups need to spend time creating their team properly before rushing into creating their idea?


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Though you might find this interesting from this week's Fast Company:

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Oops! I meant "thought you might find this interesting" not "though" Damn slippery iPad keyboard!

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