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Google Keyword Tool: How many internet users searched for this word?

Google Keyword Tool helps companies decide the keywords for their Google Ads by presenting the number of local and global monthly searches for related search terms. Can this tool be modified to help entrepreneurs find their niche market?

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When companies create Google Ads, they will choose certain keywords that are related to their businesses. These keywords are crucial to the visibility of the ads because when people searched for these keywords on Google, related ads will appear next to the search results.

Companies can utilize Google Keyword Tool to get keyword ideas. As they enter their keyword ideas, the Tool will report the global and local monthly searches for closely related terms.

For instance, if we want to create a Google Ad for OpenIDEO and choose “Online Community” as a keyword:

To find out whether “Online Community” is a widely searched term, we turn to Google Keyword Tool (picture 3, picture 4). The Tool shows that every month, 450,000 global users searched for “Online Community” on Google. It also shows the number of searches for similar terms, such as “Online Communities”.

In sum, Google Keyword Tool provides statistics regarding the number of searches for each word. Is it possible to develop a tool that shows the number of times a particular term is searched, but the internet user cannot find a satisfied link? This might provide a hint for an undeveloped service.


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