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Golfing Analogy from Non-Golfers

Analogy of golfing to starting your own business based off assumptions of non-golfers.

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Playing golf is similar to starting a business; there are many characteristics that may surprise you. So let’s start with your own self as the golfer in a game of madness. Sure you can hit a drive 230 yards but can you really make that 5 foot putt? Golf is a game of 10% skill, 75% mental, and 15% luck (assumptions made based upon non-golfer). If you don’t have a strategy before stepping on the green, that will be one ugly day of golf. Just as in business, if you don’t a strategy there won’t be much profit in the future. There needs to research done, not only online but, actually talking to your target market and seeing what is it they really want.

Not only do you need a good mindset and strategy when playing golf, you need quality equipment that helps with your game. Playing with clubs that are at your level, will make the game enjoyable and will help improve your performance. Selling products that have a need in the market that are quality products will help in making a profit. Selling not-so quality products leads down to a dark and scary road of top ten lists of horrible products invented.

Where are you playing golf? Are you at Augusta National playing with Rory or at the local clubhouse which has been in dire need of repair for 20 years. You are still playing golf just might not have the value you perceive. Same as business, you might try to be in a market with huge companies like Apple and you are trying so hard to get your name out. While you might be in a dying market where you may stand out but, that might not be the best idea.

A game of golf can be different every day, based on the weather, your mental state, the greens, and the pressure of how much you bet on that day. All of these affect the golfer’s performance in many different ways. Similarly, in business many external factors affect the business on any given day. These factors includes; changes in the financial world, mood of you and your customers, the laws and regulations set forth by local and state government, and technology changes. If you don’t keep up with times, your business might fail and take your golf game with it.

We are Montana State University students in intro to digital marketing so please be nice!

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Rock on Zori and the Montana State University students! Fab analogy.