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Global Toolkits

The World Bank has created toolkits for policy makers, entrepreneurs, and financiers to help solve international problems. The toolkits include regulations, next steps, and even market data.

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The World Bank has an understanding of the problems facing the international community, especially the developing world.  However, the problems are far too big for any one organization.  The creation of these toolkits is meant to aid those who are aiming to help.  

Many of the current toolkits are aimed at policy makers, but one in particular is aimed at helping SME's in emerging markets developing solutions for health care, helping them scale to meet demand.

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Thanks for sharing, John. I had no idea about this - what a great resource for a huge range of people! Agree with Ashley - look forward ot seeing it appear in the next phase.

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I've submitted the working concept here:

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Great insights John. I love the idea of toolkits and roadmaps to help guide entrepreneurs in the beginning. Just a quick note to dive in a bit deeper: the challenge I see with toolkits like this is providing relevant *local* information that matters to entrepreneurs where they live. Sure, it's important to run a global business, but founders must ensure that their operations are locally compliant too. Do you know if the World Bank also helps entrepreneurs find the local info they need to get started too? What do you think about local vs. global?

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Thanks for the comment Ashley. I couldn't agree more with the tool kits being relevant on a local scale. After all, the world is just a bunch of local communities put together.

The World Bank is typically concerned with policy, so they rarely address entrepreneurs directly. However, I really think anyone with a solid understanding of a local problem can put together a toolkit given a proper framework.

I have a bunch of ideas on how we could do this, but I'll save them for the concepting phase.

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Great! Can't wait to see them in the next phase :)

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I've submitted the working concept here:

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Here is how Hong Kong has applied the "next steps" idea:

I now know how to set up a business in HK more easily than I do in California. A toolkit could/should include something this clear and useful.