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CZ Technical Kindergardens a winning concept of Festival Czech Innovation 2011

On Czech Innovation 2011 Festival one of the winning conpets was Technical Kindergardens with idea of bringing technical and scitentific knowledge as interactive installations to 5-6 years old pres-shool age kids.

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On Festival Czech Innovaton 2011 one of winning a conpets was Technical Kindergardens, idea of bringing technical and scitentific knowledge as interactive installations to 5-6 years old pres-shool age kids.

Main idea is to atract kids to do much more by hand interations like Design and Hard Experiments , insead do just soft thinks like simple programing.

Pre-shool age kids are allready very experienced in Targeted Playing se MIT LAB's All I Really Need to Know (About Creative Thinking) I Learned (By Studying How Children Learn) in Kindergarten  by Mitchel Resnick and they are starting to explore magical world of Tinkering , see Tinkering – innovating with creatively combining existing stuff

Learn basic of Automation and Robotics, then just programing, learn basic of Architecture and Costructions, then just playing with wooden bricks:

On the picture is wooden pieces game for learnig basics of all kind of Bridge Constructions, one of the real demonstrations presented on latest Festival Czech Innovation. As you can see on pictures of this amazing idea at the and of this PDF. first a paper prototypes was create and later wooden gave was designed.

 I remember how FASCINATING was world in the lenses of microscope in this AGE!

 About Czech Innovation:

Festival Czech Innovation is a competition and exhibiton of innovative ideas of individuals, students, small, middle-sized and large companies from the whole Czech republic. But it is also a forum where innovators can meet successful managers, consultants and experts from many fields, from innovation management through project management to personal development. 

No other festival neither award in the area of innovations offer such a complex set of specific advices and know-how, how to change ideas nad projects into business opportunities.

Motto is: Innovation is oportunity for Czech Republic, Innovations are orpotunites for anybody of us. 

Festival Czech Innovation is hosted by Czech National Techical Library.


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