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Connect the right people

Too many start-ups with high potential for success die, because they might not find the right people or good investors. A web entrepreneur marketplace that supports the exchange of knowledge, skill and investments could counteract this trend.

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Skillshare is a community marketplace to learn anything from anyone. This concept could be used for web entrepreneurship. Instead of focusing on education the mission of the platform could be  framed around the needs of web entrepreneurs. Share expertise, ideas and investment opportunities.

What if someone has a great business idea and needs people with specific skills for support? He/she could use the platform to find people.

What if someone wants to invest into web start-ups with a great business concept? He/she could use the platform to connect with entrepreneurs.

What if someone has an interest in web start-ups and can offer useful expertise? He/she could use the platform find start-ups that need his/her specific skills and expertise. 

The concept is simple: One can either offer specific skills/money or look for people/investments.
Who knows, maybe you'll find THE person in your area/community, who can help your start-up to be a success. 


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I can see some sort of automation. Where people could enter what they want to find, and what they offer. Then be linked up immediately to complimentary networks within the network. And be notified about incoming opportunities.

e.g. I have neither an idea for a start up or money to invest but I can offer the writing and presenting skills to generate interest or do pre-sales of a concept. I prefer to work with start-ups because that's where the fun is at. I am also particularly interested in Agriculture, Bio-tech, Nano-manufacturing and human augmentation.

I put all that into the system and it connects me with people who have startup ideas in these areas and investors with interests in these areas. Whammo! Instant team....maybe.

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I agree that the system should immediately match up interests and offers. I doubt that potential users would take the time and seek through hundreds of entrepreneurs or offers in order to find the right fit. The easier to use the higher the success or match rate.

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