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Becoming a better entrepreneur - Deliberate Practice

To be successful, to be really good at something, it is vital to learn and grow from opportunities. In the entrepreneurial space, it is even more important to maximize the growth obtained from every experience.

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It all starts with the right mindset, the growth mindset ( basic explanation). It turns failure into an opportunity to learn and it places a high value on effort. Once that mindset is established, a framework can be applied that is built on the idea of deliberate practice. Although the concept was first developed to explain the differences in ability between musicians, it has now been applied to explain differences in skill development in athletics, business, the military, and more. Entrepreneurs can apply the same framework that has been applied elsewhere (see an overview here) to maximize growth and lead to increasingly better performance. The basic concept is to combine developmental experiences with feedback and reflection to foster growth and improvement. The focus on becoming better as opposed to being good present in other disciplines can be transferred to the entrepreneurial domain.

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