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Appsterdam; creating an indie haven for app makers

A story about how a group of passionate developers and start-ups is creating a movement that spurs innovation.

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When starting up, it is super important to be in touch with other starters and with people share the passion for your field of work. Being part of such a community helps to develop your ideas, connect to people that help you out, and provides an audience that could test or use your product.
When app-developer and entrepreneur Mike Lee from Silicon Valley settled there he noticed three things:
1) It was a good place to live.
2) There were a lot of developers, entrepreneurs and tech-companies around.
3) Few people noticed this.

That's when he launched the Appsterdam initiative. Shortly said, the attempt to create a thriving ecosystem for app-makers and start-ups.
By organizing events, lectures, guru sessions and meetups, and mostly by inspiring people to become part of Appsterdam, it has in a short time grown into a local movement.

The Appsterdam community is a great source of knowledge, connections and inspiration for start-ups and individuals. It is open, accessible, and driven by voluntary efforts.

Getting your locals together, identifying  the community, and becoming active both online and offline might prove a great model for other places too, especially if the right ingredients (mainly a bunch of ambitious people) exists.

more info:
 See the Appsterdam activities at 

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