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Another Interview from a Web Entrepreneur

Filip Mlekicki from Chromosense LLc, BRooklyn talks about his journey from an idea to starting a company.

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So tell us, what was your greatest resource in the early stages?
Inspiration helped drive the idea and the personal connections which where what really helped get the work done early on.

What was the greatest barrier when starting your company? What was the villain?
Reality. Everyone always likes to dream big but implementation is another story. It is unpleasant finding out that the million little things you spent energy on in the ideation stage are not even on the map come showtime.

What kind of people or organizations helped you on your journey? How? The hero of the story.
People doing similar things around me at my level; and as much as i would have liked to say mentors and incubators helped, they only seemed to limit my ambition.

What about technology, did you find a particular technology helpful?
Dropbox and similar digital collaboration tools.

At what point did you feel good?
I feel good when people get excited about the product but still am not sure i am happy.

At what point did you feel low?
Working with other people that dont share the same passion as you. Makes me feel that i am always left waiting for or wanting more from them.

What surprised you most about starting a company?
The pace of things. It seems as though no matter how much you do you are never moving fast enough.

If there were a start-up genie in a bottle, what three wishes would you have?
Unlimited resources; help to take the constraint out of the start-up process.

The right team; a team that works in synergy through their differences towards one goal.

Avid Customers; lets face it without them the even the best organised start-up will eventually loose steam.

Tell us a story: what was the issue you were facing and how did you overcome it?
This last month we need a private server so i set up my first virtual secured Linux server environment without any prior experience. The moral of the story here is that an entrepreneur wears many hats and sometimes your just need to get your hands dirty if you need to get things done.


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It is interesting to know the interviewee said that "mentors and incubators helped, they only seemed to limit my ambition". It reminded me a YouTube clip about John Mayer telling his Berklee fellows how to study music: to combine "information" and "inspiration". Oftentimes, I try hard to understand the meaning of education. What I've got so far is: we should distinguish "knowledge" and "my knowledge" (what I have learnt combined with my inspiration)

For those who interested in the clip, here it is;)

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