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Action Inquiry, for Active Learning

This builds off of Creation from Chaos, and the Eric Ries-Lean Startup inspirations. It is similar as a theoretical framework for business/leadership. Bill Torbert's Action Inquiry is a useful framework to prevent "analysis paralysis."

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Being a pseudo-intellectual (maybe not so pseudo), I have experienced analysis paralysis and it is debilitating for business. I've also worked in groups where everything was over-analyzed and second guessed.

I'm suggesting Action Inquiry as an inspiration because it advocates getting into action and doing something. Simply set a vision and goal and jump into the first steps right away. Upon completing the first action reflect on its results, revise and repeat.

It's honestly a lot more sophisticated than this short explanation, but it fits the lean start-up and agile methodologies well. Additionally, its a useful approach to allowing for progressive elaboration from the PMI project management methodology.

Okay time to get out of my head and back onto the ground!


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Good inspiration. Doing is very important. But analysing is as well, as long as it doesn't paralyse.
It looks very much like Deming, doesn't it?

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Ah yes, that one. Took me a minute (on Wikipedia!) to remember Deming's "Plan-do-check-act" cycle. Definitely the same lines of thought.