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A Global Network that extends Silicon Valley's Collaboration

Silicon Valley is a state of mind, not just a place. This group extends Silicon Valley's reach to the Americas, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Africa and the Mideast entrepeneurs to promote collaboration among business, cultural & social entrepreneurs.

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The Silicon Valley Global Network (SVGN) initially was employed as an interactive site for professionals in the Silicon Valley network to interact, and share stories and ventures.  Contributors and members can post and find trusted partners, events, projects, news, case studies, and other resources vital to understand the SV tech and startup ecosystem and business model.  The group has grown to include members and networks internationally, who draw from the expertise of the Silicon Valley members.  SVGN's is now looking at the next step, on how to help these international entrepeneurs succeed, and to join with local initiatives.

The network currently interacts via two forums, blogs and postings on Facebook Group page as well as a website.  Started by a Silicon Valley veteran, a long-time business strategist who has advised over 700 tech companies since 1983 (and currently launching his 8th startup), the core group comprises of experienced SV executives in communications, social media, tech startups and investment.  While away in France in business school, I found this an incredibly valuable resource and the most "in touch" I had to learn from.

SGVN plans to incorporate enhancements to enable entrepeneurs to post projects and ventures, and build teams in real time, and seeking input from entrepeneurs regarding needs and function.

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