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"Plug & Play" Start-up Campus Harvests Results by Nurturing & Capital

Plug and Play Tech Center is a thriving Silicon Valley community of over 300 startups from all over the world. The mission is to help startups grow. International, University, and Corporate divisions to create an ecosystem.

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Plug & Play Tech Center

From Paypal to Vudu Plug and Play is the very first home of many startups before making it big independently or through acquisition, and it's all because of the network that they have associated themselves with.

A huge space, with tight corridors, CEO's have no choice but to rub shoulders and compete with other teams and whether it's through providing these potential milliners with data centers, recruiting, mentorship or funding, Plug and Play Tech Center has positioned itself as the garden for harvesting US and international start-ups and building on their success.

I have gone to many of their events and it's never the same trend or people. Whether its a series of 2 minute public pitches to VC's or a exposition of new gadgets and products (ex. I was introduced to a 3-D TV with no need of glasses) hands are shaken and business cards are exchanged. 

The thing that I think they are doing right is they are providing a security space (however symbolic) that creates an energy of knowledge sharing and also competition. Start-ups are the 13-14 year olds of the business world. They need care but they also want to take the car out to the movies.


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Nice, I just found out about this company through another source. Came on here to see if anyone had already posted about them. Nice work, Nima!

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It's a cool space. My teammate from high school interned there and the tour goes something like this:
"Ya these are our cubes." Walk passed that area. "Yea these guys are... oh hey Mike. Yea these guys are working on making bridge tolls cash free." Walk passed the common area with CNN on one and Bloomberg on another TV. "Those dude over there are hell weird. They are working with GIS to find best places to place kindergartens." Pick up the mail. "And up stairs is where they hold monthly conferences where VC's hook up with start-ups."