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The Start up Annual

A book published once a year, focused on sharing new start up's and stories

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The Start up annual is focused on sharing stories in the start up world so new business can learn from others. It would be released every year and you could have one for each city.

How will your concept support web entrepreneurship?

Learning from other start up's

What kinds of resources will be needed to get this concept off the ground and scale it?

This could be funded by the government to help inspire others to start a business.

How could we get started?

Speak to a publishing company to see if they would be interested in publishing a book on start ups. Speak to a few start up's to see if they would like to share their story

Evaluation results

13 evaluations so far

1. How well does this concept address a significant pain point felt by European web start-ups?

This is a major pain point for European start-ups - 15.4%

This is a "nice to have" but not a serious pain point - 84.6%

I really don't know - 0%

2. How novel do you think the concept is?

Never seen it before - very novel! - 23.1%

This is common in some places but not in many parts of Europe - 15.4%

This is not novel but a good iteration - 53.8%

There are already other solutions out there that address this problem - 7.7%

3. How easy is this concept to implement and maintain?

It could be implemented quickly and easily maintained - 23.1%

It could be implemented quickly but will require regular updates to ensure it is accurate and relevant - 61.5%

It is a big undertaking and would need a lot of support and cooperation from people and organisations to make it happen and to maintain it - 15.4%

4. What type of organisation is best placed to take this forward?

The European Commission should own this one - 30.8%

This belongs with member state governments (e.g., the UK, Belgium, etc) - 0%

This is best being owned by a private company - 38.5%

This feels like a non-profit - 23.1%

This is a start-up itself! - 7.7%

5. Overall, how do you feel about this concept?

It rocked my world! - 23.1%

I liked it but preferred others - 46.2%

It didn’t get me overly excited - 30.8%


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Photo of James McBennett

Would love to see a Feltron Annual Report visual data analysis mixed with stories and experiences of startups.

Great idea! It would be interesting to see who you could partner with to get the idea out whether it be media, government or VC's that might fund/sponsor the project too. Could there be a local report for every city that you provide a platform to make it really easy for each city to make their own in a common branding and analysis, a little like TEDx independently organised, this would be independently organised annual report.

Photo of Meena Kadri

Canny builds, James!

Photo of Amy Bonsall

Oh, Feltron-like reports are a lovely idea, James! How might we make it something people treasure and re-read, not just read and toss? TBH I think there is value in either path.... whatever gets people buzzing!

Photo of Sana Altaf

Great suggestion James
I think partnering with schools and colleges can also be a cool way to start, I say this because colleges like NYU Poly hosts incubators for many array of companies and individuals.

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