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Founders Dictionary

Founders have many problems, finding press, finding financing, finding a team. One problem non-business trained founders have is understanding the scene, the jargon and the language. For that we have created Founders Dictionary.

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I have discussed what idea is realizable in my spare time with a few friends and would love to add openideo collaborators. We hope to create a founders dictionary app that if successful will become a small moleskin pocket book. It will be a dictionary of startup terms and concepts as well as a roadmap of how to progress.


          TEST BUILD Wordpress(April 2012)
          -    Design, Branding, site registration/hosting
          -    Google form to contribute. 
          -    Setup of twitter account @foundersd
          -    Ideas submitted via OpenIDEO.
          -    Establish Team to build and spread the idea

          FIRST BUILD Wordpress (May 2012)
          -   Browse Dictionary
          -   Submit a word as a blog post
          -   Automatic entry upon approval by moderators.
          -   Links to further info using icons Wikipedia, Amazon, Author's site....
          -   Related words
          -   Categories/Guides (Law, Finance, Media, Design.....)
          -   Word of the day / Recent Words submitted
          -   Comments on word to discuss/improve/correct/debate.
          -   Space to further contribute ideas to developing FoundersDictionary
          -   Newsletter style - Monthly Updates on words and emerging language.

How will your concept support web entrepreneurship?

Founder's dictionary will make it easier for non-business trained aspiring startup entrepreneurs (and as we are finding out, business trained people too! :) ) to access the information and concepts they need.

What kinds of resources will be needed to get this concept off the ground and scale it?

Time of core team below, to design and build site Ideas from the OpenIDEO community Partnerships with media organisations, entrepreneurs, accelerators and so on to spread the word and give social proof of which '' were approached in the conceptual phase and are very keen and excited. Revenue generated from App/Book will be put into expanding and improving Founder'sDictionary

How could we get started?

Step 1: Make a site to get feedback from friends, OpenIDEATORS and the general community. (Complete) Step 2: Build an efficient backend to really make the site work properly. (In progress) Step 3: Spread the word, partner with media, incubators, accelerators, councils, organisations to help get it out there. Step 4: Build a downloadable app Step 5. Allow Founder'sDictionary be built into other sites as a plugin. Step 6: Roll the presses, make a moleskin sized notebook for founders to own.

Virtual Team:

BUILD TEAM James McBennett - Designer, Web Development Harry Mylonadis - Designer Courtney Boyd Myers - Editor Antonis Varzakakos - Web Development Babis Manologlou - Web Development OpenIDEATORS who have contributed fantastic ideas and inspirations that have shaped the design and site build. James McBennett Anne-Laure Fayard Meena Kadri Paul Reader Tom Hulme Amy Bonsall Haiyan Zhang Also a thanks to our first 5 Contributors during test build: (All OpenIDEATORS) Louise Wilson Ashley Jablow Paul van Zoggel Shazz Mark Jensen

Evaluation results

13 evaluations so far

1. How well does this concept address a significant pain point felt by European web start-ups?

This is a major pain point for European start-ups - 30.8%

This is a "nice to have" but not a serious pain point - 69.2%

I really don't know - 0%

2. How novel do you think the concept is?

Never seen it before - very novel! - 30.8%

This is common in some places but not in many parts of Europe - 7.7%

This is not novel but a good iteration - 61.5%

There are already other solutions out there that address this problem - 0%

3. How easy is this concept to implement and maintain?

It could be implemented quickly and easily maintained - 61.5%

It could be implemented quickly but will require regular updates to ensure it is accurate and relevant - 30.8%

It is a big undertaking and would need a lot of support and cooperation from people and organisations to make it happen and to maintain it - 7.7%

4. What type of organisation is best placed to take this forward?

The European Commission should own this one - 15.4%

This belongs with member state governments (e.g., the UK, Belgium, etc) - 7.7%

This is best being owned by a private company - 7.7%

This feels like a non-profit - 38.5%

This is a start-up itself! - 30.8%

5. Overall, how do you feel about this concept?

It rocked my world! - 61.5%

I liked it but preferred others - 23.1%

It didn’t get me overly excited - 15.4%


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I really like this idea. Somehow I was envisioning a tool like a visualthesaurus ( could also help in order to relate the words.

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