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"Start-Up" Week - A week of events uniting start ups with their local community - **UPDATED**

Similar to a Clerkenwell Design Week type event, how about a week long event for local start ups in cluster networks (ie. Tech City in London)?

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A week long "design week" type event for start ups with events such as:

- Open House previews & events hosted by local start ups 
- Potential new start ups can exhibit their ideas & concepts to find investors/partners
- Inspiring talks from industry heavy weights
- Workshops

(For inspiration, check out Clerkenwell Design Week)

How will your concept support web entrepreneurship?

Sets up a forum where entrepreneurs can share their stories and connect with each other, up & comers as well as their local community and schools. Start-up week explores how we can potentially connect: 1) local start ups 2) local community 3) local schools (universities in particular)

What kinds of resources will be needed to get this concept off the ground and scale it?

- venue to hold talks & workshops (though these can be in different venues within the network cluster) - identify local start ups interested in participating in the open house previews - find expert speakers and workshop facilitators - marketing to engage local community In order to scale the effort, each local Start-up Week will need a local 'guardian' who acts as a coordinator of the event, with input from other partners in their local community. These guardians will need to get in touch with the 'Start-Up Week' facilitators to start a local chapter, similar to that of the Pecha Kucha ( or TedX ( type model of assigning local guardianship/license. This will help ensure that the goals and objectives are aligned across all local chapters.

How could we get started?

Prototype a small, one day event in a building where several start ups are located, partnering with each company and ask them to open their doors & share their stories with attendees from the local community (perhaps a local school?) Could also experiment and link members of a local start up community with a local university with an innovation/entrepreneurship program and hold a 'walking tour' to 4 or 5 start up companies. Looking at start up clusters around the world, there tends to be a strong start up community around the local universities (ie. London's tech city and Bloomsbury universities; Silicon Valley and Stanford, etc). This approach to prototyping will leverage the university's network of entrepreneurs as well as give integrity to the event, especially for new start ups who are potentially weary or extra protective of opening their doors. The start up who is the last stop on the walking tour could hold a brainstorm with the tour group on a particular challenge that they are facing; or alternatively the tour would end at the university hosting the event where they could hold a Q&A session/social hour.

Virtual Team:

Amy Bonsall Karina McElroy Joshua Smith Bev Chu

Evaluation results

11 evaluations so far

1. How well does this concept address a significant pain point felt by European web start-ups?

This is a major pain point for European start-ups - 9.1%

This is a "nice to have" but not a serious pain point - 90.9%

I really don't know - 0%

2. How novel do you think the concept is?

Never seen it before - very novel! - 9.1%

This is common in some places but not in many parts of Europe - 27.3%

This is not novel but a good iteration - 45.5%

There are already other solutions out there that address this problem - 18.2%

3. How easy is this concept to implement and maintain?

It could be implemented quickly and easily maintained - 27.3%

It could be implemented quickly but will require regular updates to ensure it is accurate and relevant - 45.5%

It is a big undertaking and would need a lot of support and cooperation from people and organisations to make it happen and to maintain it - 27.3%

4. What type of organisation is best placed to take this forward?

The European Commission should own this one - 9.1%

This belongs with member state governments (e.g., the UK, Belgium, etc) - 9.1%

This is best being owned by a private company - 9.1%

This feels like a non-profit - 45.5%

This is a start-up itself! - 27.3%

5. Overall, how do you feel about this concept?

It rocked my world! - 9.1%

I liked it but preferred others - 63.6%

It didn’t get me overly excited - 27.3%


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Great idea Anne ;)

I think the community can benefit from a virtual (ie online) element to this too. Having this as a 'physical' event is great but it also means that it leave out those that do not have the means to travel to the venues. And since this is meant to have a European focus, having a virtual presence will also allow people to connect across Europe.

Useful things during startup week that can be organised online:

- Live Q&A with startup founders over various media

- Webcasts from the different chapters, TEDx style, as you mentioned

- 1-2-1 sessions on Skype

- Virtual speed dating for discovering potential co-founders/business partners

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