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Think. Game. Game Europa.

To make Europa sustainable, The EC DAA can really help out in mapping for us webentrepreneurs 'What Needs to be Done' for the long (30 years) mid (10years) and short (3years) run. We use them to make the Game Europa paper boardgame.

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We need that.. Grasping a basic mental image of the real europa. 

Arousing, Sharing, Connecting is invented, we only need to optimize it.  The rise of incubators, social camps and tax break seed options is already a beautiful start. 

The beauty of EC and DAA Nelie Kroes right here right now is that Europa is just getting out of puberty (If we count 1989 as it's birth), and entering the best entrepreneurial age (24-34 according to UK stats)

We are ready to play. 

What's the concept?

Game Europa. 
Each incubator, social camp, webentrepreneur, webtool can tap into real European/regional challenges. 

Play the Game. Real Game. 

Having a local design contribution to a European/global challenge.

Like in a computer game, local teams collaborate and best practice is taken up in other parts of the game. 

phase 1 : First we need to grasp that Europa can be sustainable in the long-mid-short run. 
phase 2 : Than we turn this into a fun boardgame to play. 
phase 3 : Than the boardgame themecards are real world design challenges.
It is not only making a 'board game', it is also using game principles in real world solutionist design. 

For example; What about a virtual second currency? Normal in computer games, but not yet in the real world. We all know it works, but how to design it into the real worlds so the IMF, Banks and you and me see instantly the benefits of it.

This can be a Game Europa / DAA design challenge. IF webentrepreneurs have a local succesful implementation of regional secondary currency, THAN EC/DAA will fund scaling it to other tryout regions. 

How will your concept support web entrepreneurship?

Individual : Helping webentrepreneurs with focussing on what needs to be done rather only on what is technically possible. Company : A healthy enterprise should partly contribute to the bigger picture, and another part to own dreams. Process : Learn to Think 'Game'. Europa is a game world. A city region is a game world.

What kinds of resources will be needed to get this concept off the ground and scale it?

EC /DAA listing in Elmo language the challenges and make hours of EU specialists free to help us focus the goals of game levels.

How could we get started?

Think of 4 main themes to have each season a game changing challenge. Design a basic boardgame to play, to get the real challenges abstractly clear for the various EUROPA regions.


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This is great! Super great! The college teams from my concept could use the needs of the time to create their ideas! EUREKA EUROPA! No need for crazy old entrepreneurs using college kids as their personal launch pad! And no need for a lot of wasted time creating an idea out of thin air!

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Why aren't people applauding topics that take less than 100 years to implement (sarcasm) and help Europe at the same time? I think a group of small-medium level changes would help more than one huge change. Especially considering the challenge

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Exactly, no more thin air ideas! I see students also suffer; they need to learn a new process (starting and finishing a group project) and come up with the golden idea.

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Heck yeah. Competing for incentives so they work toward their full potential! I see them benefitting a lot from this, plus a competitive environment among students to even get into the class program!
On another note, I see a lot of young kids finding value in playing challenging simulations! This goes right along with the idea of implementing a group of small-medium level changes!

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The toolbelt concept is another one to take into consideration, among a lot of other concepts that are beneficial to the challenge!

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